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Coffee shops are supposed to be relaxing, right?

Hah oops. Blogged on the wrong tumblr. (Should I have admitted that? Forget I said anything…..)

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Forgot what espresso does when I drank it tonight. Look out for me in the trees tonight!

Something for Halloween miz Maha inspired me to draw. Happy October!

cause there’s nothing more cute than failing at human communication with the person you’re closest to.

The Fall of Walter White

Night cap. Drag cat meets a trench coat guy in a dark alley. Oh the possibilities!

Last year when I worked at Knotts Scary Farm, I drew Sam and Dean from Super Natural. And I found the picture again!

Happy October tumblr…..

quick sketch! Hope you like! Weekend BYYYE!

quick sketch! Hope you like! Weekend BYYYE!